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Due Date

All checkpoints are due by Tuesday, March 5th, 2019.

About the Project

In this project, we'll simulate a spacecraft passing through an asteroid belt! The control tower, or stoplight, will have to remotely help the spacecraft dodge asteroids. Push the button on your spacecraft corresponding to the control tower to rack up your score! But if your spacecraft doesn't follow the light's directions, you'll blow up!

The spacecraft buttons will correspond with two buttons on one of the Arduino Nano microcontrollers. It will be connected to a radio module, allowign it to communicate with the control tower, which will be another Arduino. By transfering data between the two microcontrollers, you'll be able to implement this fully functional game!



Arduino Nano Pinout: Arduino Nano


Uh oh! You're not given a schematic this time, so you've got to make your own!


  • Use jumper wires to connect your radio module to the Nano!
  • In this project, we can only use one way communication in this project, so if your project 7 used two way communication, you'll have to change up your design of the red light green light game
  • Please pick a unique float to send, if everyone sends 3.3, you won't be able to tell if you're receiving from your radio or someone else's!


If you're interested in learning more about MCUs for our upcoming capstone, take a look at this video courtesy of former OPS lead Kyle Liang!