The Lab futon

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The lab futon


Origin Story

  1. In the beginning, there was the lab.
  2. And the lab was without couch or futon.
  3. And there was one who said, "Let there be couch".
  4. And on the first day of finals, the couch-less plunged the depths of internet in search of the artifact, "List of craig".
  5. On the seventh and final day of finals, the couch-less found their promised cushion, a futon with arched arm rest.
  6. The couch-less saw the futon, and it was good.
  7. Bringing with them two of every screw and nut, the couch-less brought the gift of comfy seating back to the lab.
  8. The couch-less said once more, "Let there be couch", and there was couch.


  1. One day, Justin threw Shubham on couch
  2. And there was a broken support beam

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