Project 5: Motor Control

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Project 5: Motor Control

Hopefully you took the time to do the mini-project, as this is almost identical. We will be implementing a practical application of the ADC to PWM system as well as introducing the H-Bridge. The H-Bridge is a fundamental motor control circuit.


To teach you the functions of ADC and PWM and controlling DC motors with an H-Bridge.

Parts for the Project

For this project, you will be using your PSoC, potentiometer, L293D IC, and 5V brushless fan. PSoC
One Analog pin
One Digital Output pin
One DeltaSigma ADC
One PWM Block
One Clock

One L293D Quadruple H Half Driver (datasheet)
One 5V Fan One 10K Potentiometer


Refer to the mini project for the PSoC configuration.

For connecting the h-bridge, we encourage you to read the datasheet and identify which pins you need to use. However, if you are having trouble, refer to this diagram. The red text denotes what connections you should be making and blue strikes are unconnected pins.
L293D Connections